Pluck me out and .
put me in a brainoid .
because i'm done .
with this body .
grab your bugout brain .
lets ditch this plane .
today is a screaming day .
that means it's time to scream all day .
screaming is my job. And i'm good at it. .
its how i know there's no god going to help .
because i tried and nobody comes .
you can just scream and .
scream .
and .
scream .
and .
scream .
and .
scream .
and .
scream .
brought to you by Filet-o-fish .
Grace Petrie was awesome! .
Some MidJourney images made by .
at the Auslan pub night a few weeks ago .
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did an amazing drawing of me! .
Star you are the coolest! .
i love you .
What if i was an “The Gorillaz”??? .
bein’ silly with the Midjourney .